How it started!

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Here’s what I wrote 6 months ago. I put this on a little blog I started but never did anything with. I’m posting this as a reminder of how far I’ve come and that anything is possible!

Self improvement.

I was 56 on the 14th of Feb this year and it struck me that I’ve not been looking after myself physically and mentally. The lockdown over the last 12 months hasn’t helped at all however it started a quite a few years ago before that happened. So I decided to make a change and believe it or not Facebook had an answer. It popped up on my time line and it was called Noom. Learn to eat mindfully it says. Hmm I’ve tried mindful and do use Headspace when I can be bothered. That is my problem I try something and give up but this seems it might be right down my alley as it’s a complete lifestyle change and it appears to offer a great deal of support.

I’ve signed up for a trial and will give it a go for the next 14 days to see how it all works.

I’ve done one day so far and it’s been OK. Logging food is simple enough and it is balanced by the amount of activity that I’ve done logged by my AppleWatch. This is nice as I’ve also started to try to get more active and fitter as I’m knocking on a bit and I kind of want to keep on going for a while! The food is grouped into three groups and you are not banned from eating anything you are just made to be aware of how much of each group you are eating and encouraged to eat more of what is bulky but low in calories. I’ve found this to be a relatively simple thing to do and it’s made me think about the meals I’m eating and I hope I’m making better choices already. For example I will usually have a sandwich for lunch but today I had tuna tomato and scrambled egg. Filled me up nicely and I avoided the packet of crisps I would usually have too. I’ve also discovered that I like a grape now! A handy way to have a quick snack when needed and also very low in calories and much better than a digestive biscuit (well not better but definitely healthier!) it’s all about those choices and something else that it seems to want to address is the how I’ve got to this point and my relationship with food and eating. I’m guessing this is the how it promises to keep the weight off after and something that I’ve known I want to address for a considerable amount of time.

Heres to the next 13 days and maybe if it starts to work the 8 month plan.

My goal by the way is to get down to 10st Currently I’m 16st 8lb! Heres hoping.

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