The how is simple!

I love physics it is how the universe works and also being an engineer ( did I mention that already? ) it is quite important for me to understand some science stuff. Weight loss is a simple formula. A pound of weight ( fat ) is around 3500 calories above what you need to maintain your bodily functions and energy. There are plenty of online things to work this out and most diet apps work it out too. So to lose a pound you need to run in a deficit of an amount that you are comfortable with and you will lose weight. I aimed for about 500 calories a day so a pound a week. This is a nice and slow rate that is sustainable.

To lose weight is a simple matter of expend more calories than you consume. Simple really. Now how you do this is the tricky part.

To be successful you really need to log your food intake. Each and every piece of food you consume over a day and then keep that total lower than the basic rate. It is a bit of a pain to start with but get into the habit of doing it. I used MyFitnessPal to do my logging it was really good at finding almost all the foods that I would eat and I paid the extra so it would give me breakdowns of my food macros so I could see what types of foods I was eating. More about why that’s important later.

The why not so.

This is well and good and I had tried before to follow this but what was missing from this simple method? Well motivation was there so it wasn’t that. It was the why. Why I had chosen to put on the weight in the first place and then the change in mental state to make the diet not a diet but a lifestyle change. This I think is the key to losing weight if you can work out why you put it on in the first place you can address those problems and it makes the rest fall into place.

I know I was depressed and that was the major reason why I piled on the pounds. I had very little self esteem and although I’m good at my job the rest of my life kind of sucked. I always gave the impression that I was happy, life and soul of the party and all of that! I lived to work and that consumed the majority of my energies to the detriment of my mental health. I sought out help eventually but that wasn’t enough to abate my weight gain. I just became comfortable being large! I enjoyed the consumption of all sorts of foods and it made me feel satisfied. I guess it was something to hide behind and a good excuse. I liked a drink too, I know I drank too much all part of the symptoms that I carried around with me and made me almost proud that I could out drink most people!

I knew this time it had to be different. I needed to find a way of making this work by facing who I was and who I wanted to be this is where some of the biggest changes came into my life and I will put those in the next post next week.

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